A content innovation studio

a content innovation studio

a content innovation studio for the 21st century

We help some of the world’s best and brightest stand out in the attention economy.

Compelling stories connect on an emotional level and solidify affinity for your brand. At Underground Group, we believe in telling brand stories that motivate, engage, and entertain audiences. Our team of experienced storytellers has spent years connecting to global audiences through content. Contact us to see what we can for you.

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Stop interrupting what people are interested in, and become what they’re interested in.
— Marriott’s David Beebe


we see you; so will they

Born out of the disruption in television and advertising, Underground Group thrives at the nexus of Hollywood storytelling and digital, social, and award-winning content marketing. We draw on our diverse background in television, film, branded entertainment and content marketing, to develop, create and distribute innovative branded content to targeted audiences. We create content that makes people think, act, and do.

branded content development

We work with your brand to understand your goals and KPI's to deliver idea-driven, video-forward original concepts to engage audiences where they consume content.

content marketing

What good is being a great company if no one knows who you are? We create a defined content playbook that maximizes reach and effectiveness with Influencer extensions, social engagement, and content creation. Underground Group’s creator network of strategists, photographers, writers, designers, and animators, deliver award-winning campaigns that support your brand goals and marketing initiatives through all stages of your customer's journey. The Underground Group team helps you meet the demands of a current generation of customers expecting to discover something new every day.

underground studios

At Underground Studios, we have decades of experience creating and producing episodic content for television, film, and digital. Underground Studios create compelling original material for large scale platforms that infuses brands into the story content. The benefits of brand-infused content allows audiences to see rather than hear about your current brand initiatives, products and messaging, and propels brand affinity. Underground Studios also has a brand-sponsorship division that mines sponsorship opportunities for television and film.

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