A content innovation studio

a content innovation studio

a content innovation studio for the 21st century

Stand out in the attention economy.

In a world of information overload with billions of pieces of content shared daily, we help customers break through the noise, generate more brand love and consistently engage with audiences that expect to discover something new every day. At Underground Group, we connect brands to audiences through compelling stories and authentic content.

About us

Stop interrupting what people are interested in; be what people are interested in.

We draw on our diverse background in television, film, branded entertainment and content marketing to connect brands to audiences through high-quality content at scale and authentic story telling that makes people think, act, do and feel. 


Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.

Underground Group powers every part of the content ecosystem to connect brands to their most valuable audience. We are your resource for creative exploration, content creation and execution.

At Underground Group, We get to know your audience and brand, develop relevant ideas, concepts and stories and create the content that tells those stories in all formats and across all platforms.

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